The History of Celebrate Mallory

Celebrate Mallory




The Mallory Community, surrounding neighbors, family, and friends have celebrated this event for 6 years.  This family event, hosted by the Mallory Wesleyan Church, celebrated the history, present times, and the future of this small but once thriving neighborhood.  This was not a commercial enterprise and benefited no one financially, but an exercise of kindness and giving.  Each year we wanted folks to walk away from the event feeling the love of Jesus, a better connection and commitment to their community, and an assortment of fond memories.   There were sunny skies, free toys, mugs, balloons, tote bags, literature, Bibles and more.  All parking, rides, games, music, and other activities were free.  And the greatest gift of all is that the gospel message was delivered in many ways: through music, literature, testimony, prayer and friendly conversation. 


For the first few years money and food donations were taken only for the Food Tent.  This helped provide a low cost menu for folks to enjoy.  In the last 2011 event, the church made an extra sizable donation to enable the give-away of 800 free chicken dinners, a couple hundred hotdog dinners, many snacks and drinks!  Families and friends enjoyed a day without ANY monetary burden. 


Many groups and organizations participated in the parade and the exhibits.  It was a great outpouring of friendship, love of community, and good cheer.  The history of this community was shared, the church provided a petting zoo area, and others contributed to it with their own animals and demonstrations.  There was an arcade, bounce houses, and carnival games, free prizes for the kids, Wagon rides, face painting, puppet shows, wood carving, blacksmithing, public health exhibits, safety information, antique cars, farm equipment, and tractors, and more.  Moral and spiritual guidance was available from several Christian and Evangelical organizations.  The Army 403rd Civil Affairs Battalion and the Family Readiness Group that support them were on hand with a Humvee, army equipment, and an obstacle course. 


All of this was made available by many loving members, residents, and small businesses or service organizations from the local community.  The generous contribution of time, talent, tools, supplies, and finance came together to create this special event that was enjoyed by so many.  The desire was to enhance the lives of our neighbors without asking anything in return.


God’s blessing enabled the production of this unique event, demonstrating selfless giving that made Celebrate Mallory stand apart from events.  Everyone was invited to simply come and enjoy!


Thank you to all who contributed.   We hope you were blessed by the experience as we were. 


Cynthia J. Hampson

Event Coordinator